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Rupert Gavin, Chairman

Works with the Board and Management Team to guide and develop the business.  One of the few people in the industry who can be described as both urbane and bearded.


Richard Bridgwood, Managing Director

Responsible for developing and implementing company strategy and vision. Used to be grumpy because of lack of sleep and lousy commute; now just grumpy.  Avoid before first coffee of the day. Also known for baffling colleagues with overly extended mixed metaphors.


Charles Ogilvie, Finance Director

Responsible for finance, accounting, IT, HR, business development, mergers & acquisitions and representing the company on golf days. Has the best collection of ('Eighties) CDs in the office.


Jon Bourdillon, Director of Home Entertainment

Responsible for the running of the DVD division - acquisitions, production, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing. Vocab consists largely of standard phrases - "Just a quick one from me" being favourite.  Rather boringly is the annual winner of the Contender Fantasy Football competition.


Joan Lofts, Director of TV

Responsible for building Contender's TV division - developing in-house ideas as well as third party productions. Is an expert power-luncher. Joined Contender for some fun....... has extravagant hair colour and nails.


Kate Lawson, Directors PA

Responsible for making sure the busy days of all four Directors run like clockwork!  Is also a huge Madonna fan, loves gossip magazines and has a famous guitarist Uncle from a 1970's rock group...


Muriel Thomas, Head of International Sales

Responsible for the Contender catalogue of kids series and characters, including Tractor Tom and Peppa Pig, representing its brands for the international market. For the personal bit ... I am not sure if I need to mention my strong French accent or my weakness for chocolate???


Lisa Marriott, International Sales Assistant

Assists the Head of International Sales with the Video and Television sales worldwide .  From Essex, but NOT an Essex girl. Really. No, honestly. Specialist Mastermind  subject : Problem-solving with Chocolate.


Jo Sweby - Acquisitions Manager

Working with the MD and Head of Video, Jo acquires film and TV product to build Contender's existing portfolio. She is responsible for the sudden increase in the Company's biscuit budget and spends too much time campaigning for the acquisition of a Contender dog.


Tim Pfeiffer, Business Affairs Manager

Responsible for legal and business affairs including contracts management. Having lived most of his life on the continent, he still benefits from the "look right" and "look left" markings on the street. Loves to browse in book shops and has arguably the largest collection of books on tapes in the office.


Mike Smith, Head of Licensing & Merchandising

Responsible for setting up Contender's Licensing and Merchandising Division. A Northerner by birth, although many years in the "smoke" has softened his intolerance to flat southern ales and annoyance due to the distinct lack of quality pork products available to the working man. A firm fan of the East End's own platinum super-babe - Pat Evans.


Rebecca Hill, Brand Manager

Responsible for managing product approvals, licensees and the marketing of Contender's wholly owned properties. Not only another common-mouthed Northerner but a loopy blonde lass too, hence why she can usually be found talking to toys, playing with games and oggling Jonny Wilkinson!


Laura Campbell, Head of TV Development and Production

Helps look after Contender's existing TV productions and new shows in development. Enjoys: daydreaming about having a dog and leaving early on Fridays to 'go to the Peppa Pig studio'.


Alexi Wheeler, TV Development Assistant

Ensures the speedy appraisal of TV submissions into the company while being involved in TV productions, new shows in development and International broadcast material. Runs the Corporate Fantasy Football League and likes daft shoes and flat caps. Personal ambitions include finding an even cheaper pint of lager in Central London (presently 1.09) and one day growing a hilarious moustache.


Matt Brightwell, Head of Marketing

Oversees the development and implementation of all marketing strategies within the Company.  Often mistaken for Mel Gibson or Brad Pitt, Matt is the engine room of the Marketing team. His intelligent humour often leads to only him laughing at his own jokes. Has a keen interest in beer, wine and European cheese.


Poonam Sahota, Senior Product Manager - Children's/General Interest

Responsible for production, packaging, copy writing and marketing of Children's and General Interest video products. Other responsibilities include annoying the Production Manager and writing daft questions on the company whiteboard. The original northerner, has big hair, and is ALWAYS hungry!


Debbie Rowland, Film Manager

Responsible for Contender's theatrical strategy, including the distribution and marketing of our cinema titles from the big screen to their DVD release. Theatrical (in every sense of the word) and a Berocca-addict, gets through life on a diet of vodka tonic, chocolate and good dance music.

Lee Binding, Design Manager

Responsible for in-house design and the more extreme product managering. He is also Contender's resident anorak who has found an outlet for all his years of watching sci-fi. By his own admission, tries for 'fabulous', aims for 'efficient', ends up somewhere between 'ditzy' and 'sad'.


Adam Sergeant, Senior Product Manager - TV

Responsible for the creative execution and marketing of  Contender's TV portfolio including Spooks, Will & Grace and Life On Mars.  In his spare time, he also manages Contender's interactive releases.  A lifelong Stoke City FC fan and serial commuter - clearly a glutton for punishment.


Noreen Burgin, Head of Sales

Responsible for the Sales department of Contender Entertainment Group, selling Video and DVD product to the retail trade. Makes the most fantastic brownies, when she is not spending all her spare time painting her nails.


Michelle Mead, Senior National Account Manager

Responsible for selling video and DVD product to the retail trade including HMV, Virgin, WH Smith and Blockbuster. Huge Arsenal supporter who's at her happiest when Manchester Utd are getting beaten! Lifetime dream is to meet Robbie Williams and live together happily ever after forever and ever...


Arron Fowler, National Account Manager

Responsible for selling DVD/VHS product and managing accounts such as Virgin, Blockbuster, Amazon and Sony. 6ft 3 inch, blue eyed, sexy southerner from Southampton whose hobbies include crocodile and shark wrestling and generally enjoy raising the noise level in the office by approx 20 decibels.


Matthew Kreuzer, Senior National Account Manager 

Responsible for selling DVD/VHS & UMD product & managing accounts such as Amazon, Handleman, Marks & Spencer & HEC. Resident dodgy DJ who has been known to play such classics as Dolly Parton, Bugsy Malone and Tiffany at opportune moments during a set, and loves golf, fine wine and snowboarding.


Paul Diment, Key Account Manager

Responsible for numerous accounts, reports and sales analysis, and back support for the Sales team. Is infamous for saying Ill just stay for one before a night out and then being found many hours later drunk and dancing around a pole in a local club, bar or train carriage.


Kirsty Crown, Telesales & Sales Administration

I'm responsible for the management of a number of smaller accounts and general sales administration including analysis, reporting and charts.  I have an addiction to shoes, handbags and the colour pink.  My favourite things are shoes, handbags and the colour pink.


Allan Nersessian, Sales Co-ordinator

Responsible for managing the Sales Administrator, thus ensuring all orders/returns are processed correctly, Sales/Chart Analysis as well as being a point of contact for retail customers. Would love to be living with a group of Silver-back Gorillas in the jungle, but does see some resemblance to this working here. Singing is winning.


Paul Morrissey, Production Manager

Responsible for the Production and Operation sections of Contenders VHS/DVD division and keeping a close eye on technical budgets! An ever optimistic Chelsea fan who makes the absurd claim that he was once the Milky Bar Kid. Would like to work with animals and children.


Martin Paine, Technical Manager

Responsible for maintaining quality standards across our range of Hong Kong Legends & Premier Asia releases. Also responsible for our slate of Theatrically-released titles and for looking after the needs our 3rd Party and Overseas Distributors.  Must be the only Contenderite not playing 'Fantasy Football' (is that the one with the round ball that you have to kick under the bar, instead of over?)...


Steve Joy, Production Co-ordinator

Works closely with suppliers to ensure that all titles on the schedule hit their release dates.  Splits his time between his desk and the edit suite depending on what needs to be done.  Known for popping out after work for one, leaving after at least three, and occasionally waking up in Peterborough.


Neil Rogers, Stock Co-Ordinator

Working closely with the Production Manager to ensure smooth running of Contenders stock levels, also involved in the authoring stages of DVD/VHS new releases. Armed with a respectable half-mullet and a green tea fetish, the person he would most like to be when he grows up is his idol, David Hasslehoff.


Michael Ibberson, Head of Management Accounting

Responsible for day-to-day finance matters and management reporting. Hobbies include watching paint dry and monitoring the growth of grass. Northerner. Completely incapable of conversing with non-finance people and has never spoken to a female in a non-professional capacity.


Berneil Sud, Management Accountant

Reponsible for the management of Sales and Purchase Ledgers plus any other ad-hoc tasks passed down by Charlie or Michael.  From New Zealand and hobbies include rugby, consuming alcohol and counting sheep.  Had to leave New Zealand due to the large hobbit infestation.


Roger Wright, Accounts Assistant

Responsible for the Company's purchase ledger and paying customers on time whenever possible.  His performance review depends entirely on him adopting the nickname "Dodgy Rog" whenever in the office.  Agree to "T-Time" with this man at your peril - the "T" stands for "Tequila" and you will regret it.


Natasha Allen, Business Affairs Assistant

Keeps Tim in order! Assists with the running of Contenders small, but hardcore legal dept. Adores her headbands and a regular at the company Pilates sessions and if shes not at her desk , most probably in the kitchen preparing her couscous.


Gin-Yee Liu, Royalty Accountant

Responsible for the royalty accounting function for all our great licensors. Her nickname is hairball and she drinks diet coke, like a fish. Interests include opera, ballet, art exhibitions, theatre, dining out, bars, wine and champagne tastings. Has a taste for adventure and has been in a private jet, helicopter ride, scuba diving and a camel ride. Has a passion for dancing (especially salsa) and has danced on the tables in Chinawhites.


Tony Moss, Production Assistant

Assisting the Production team and helping to ensure all video products meet their deadlines. Though a newcomer to the team, he has already found that a friendly smile and a strong talent for exaggerating in interviews can take a person far in this industry. Loves all things food based and is partial to the odd biscuit. Dont mention the Cookie Monster. 


Holly Gough, Marketing Assistant

Supports the ever hectic marketing team and ensures that things run smoothly on a day to day basis, Holly gets her hands dirty with anything and everything. Although from Cornwall, she's a Londoner more so than others and has the most enviable selection of stripy tights. Often found sneezing, when she should be working.


Diana Schofield, Office Manager

Responsible for general office management, meeting and greeting guests into the office with a warm smile. Has the important job of rationing the biscuits (well, someone has to keep an eye out for everyone's waist lines!) and has a wonderful singing voice - when no-one is around"