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Contender's Vision:

To Build Entertainment Brands

The Mission Statement:

 To be the leading independent consumer entertainment company in the UK, and to use these skills, contacts and profits to create and control our own Intellectual Properties.


About Contender:

The Contender Entertainment Group is the biggest independent distributor of DVD and Video in the UK, and a Sunday Times Virgin-Atlantic 100 Fast Track Company.

Focused on building brands in TV, Kids, Film, Kult and Special Interest genres, the company combines TV production, licensing and merchandising, with DVD and Video marketing and distribution.

Our pre-school and childrens programming ranges from our own TV properties: Tractor Tom and Peppa Pig, to other successful national franchises such as Beyblade, Care Bears, Miffy, Yu-Gi-Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Stables to name a few.

 We also have an impressive reputation of producing, marketing and selling big brands on DVD and video in TV, Film and Special Interest such as Will&Grace, Spooks, Cutting It, Lynda La Plante and annual fitness titles, as well as our own Asian Cinema labels, Hong Kong Legends and Premier Asia.